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"Educating the brain without
educating the heart is no education at all."


My message

I've been a teacher for two decades, and a parent for 18 years. Nothing could prepare any of us for the reality we are living in right now.


It is an opportunity to reinvent education and begin with the true end in mind: facilitate students along their path to self-actualization and success by supporting the whole child.


Instead of dragging children along a predetermined path that is not relevant to them, let's clear the way for them, acting as "obstacle mover" and see where they take us. 

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Check out a slideshow about our classroom community! 

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Cell Phone Stadium
Students will store phones in their locker OR parked at the "Cell Phone Stadium" at the front of our classroom. As a parent, I like my child to have access to their phone as needed. However, as a parent and teacher, it is crucial that students are not constantly interrupted in their learning with notifications and distractions. Students can charge at the station, must turn volume off, and they will be given the last 3 minutes to check messages. It is unrealistic to believe that students will simply disconnect all day; however, the Cell Phone Stadium will help students keep their attention in check and allow them to be comfortable with their phones nearby. 

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Cruella Lesson Plans

Click the icon above for free Cruella lesson plans. 

Zootopia Lesson Plans

Click the icon above for free Zootopia lesson plans! 

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