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The World
Around You 

Use these questions to engage with students about CASEL's "Social Awareness" and "Responsible Decision Making," as well as "Self Awareness," all while building "Relationship Skills." 

Take a close-up photo of something with your phone. Resize and crop until it is very abstract. See if your group members can identify it. 

Question: How does "zooming in" and "zooming out" impact how we see things? How is this true with situations that happen to us?us? How might we "zoom in" or "zoom out" before we judge someone? 


Take turns describing a food that you love or hate that is related to your heritage or is a "family tradition." Make it sound really yummy or really icky. 

Question: How does eating with someone or a group bond us together? Does sharing food or having special foods make you feel close to any group? 


Share your favorite way to travel (walking, skating, biking, flying,  by train, etc). 

Question: How does traveling together impact a group? How do other people travel that might seem normal to them, but weird to us? What might be their reason for traveling that way? 


Imagine you are an alien. You land in Denver, Colorado. What observations can you make about people? You land in Orlando, Florida. What observations can you make about people? You land in Paris, France. What observations can you make about people? 

Question: What were similarities about people? Differences? What themes emerge from looking at different groups? 

Alien POV

Imagine you have traveled back in time 100 years. What would be different? What would be the same? What is the most surprising? 

Question: If you could live in any era or time period, when would it be and why? 

Time Travel

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