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Ice Cream Patch

Brain Freeze

Everyone knows what a "brain freeze" is, right? It feels awful, and it causes a sharp pain, but it usually happens when you are eating ice cream. These quesitons are important and will lead to growth (like ice cream), but may sting for a bit! 

Sore Spot

When we know that someone will respond badly about a topic, we sometimes say, that's a "sore spot." It's a great description, right? If you press on the topic, it will hurt. In other words, it is a "touchy" subject. Think about a sore spot you have. You don't have to share unless you want to. 

Question: What are some things we can do if a person has a "sore spot" and we discover it? How can we make things easier for them? What could someone do to make your "sore spot" less noticeable? 


Isn't it weird that you can dislike something that other people like a whole lot? Share with the group something that other people love, but you don't. (I'm not a fan of pizza, and people think that is weird). It doesn't have to be food. Some people like rollercoasters and others are petrified! 

Question: How much did you agree with your group members? Are there things that are more important to agree or disagree about? 


Every single person feels sad sometimes. Some people are good at hiding it, while others are very open about it. Share with the group one thing that makes you sad. 

Question: What are some things you can do to feel better when you are sad? Do you have any suggestions for your group? 


Most people don't like to ask for help. Talk about why this might be with your group. 

Question: What is someting you need help with? What is something you could over to others to help them? 


Everyone gets angry. Some people hold it in, and hold it in, until they explode (like a volcano), sometimes causing a lot of damage. Other people express their anger as it happens. Share with the group which one you are. 

Question: What are some healthy ways to "let off steam" so you don't explode in anger? 

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