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Smiling Sun Patch

Sunny Stuff

This is a fun category for conversation, especially for new communities. They are light, fun, and can be done in "Bubbles" and in "Circles." 


Everyone has talents. Some of them are traditional, like playing a sport or singing. Others have more unusual talents. Share with your group a talent that you have. 

Question: What talent do you wish you'd gain? Is there a way to gain that talent? 


Have you ever met a famous person? What was that like? Share with the group if you have. 

Question:  Would you like to be famous? For what? 


Memes. Vines. Jokes. Cursed Images. People have all different types of sense of humor. Share with your group an example of what you think is funny. Be school appropriate and make sure it isn't hurtful to anyone. 

Question: What makes something funny? Discuss in your group. See if you can come up with a definition. 


People sometimes forget that they can "play" with their imagination. Complete these sentence starters for an example of an imagination exercise: 

To create a new animal: 

The head of a _____________________. The body of a _______________. The feet of a ____________________. The speed of a ________________, and it can even ______________! 

With your group, come up with an imagination exercise yourself and try it out. 


Music is so important, right? Share with the group three songs that you like. 

Question: Why might it be important not to diss someone's choice of music? Do you have any "guilty pleasure" songs that are kind of embarassing, but you listen to anyway? 

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