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Deign Man from SolidWorks allows you to import model-ready files from the cloud, with support for 2D and 3D files.AutoCAD Live is expanding from a 1-user version to a cloud-based version with greater functionality.Wizards:Tapestry 2D:Make your own project for design drawing, specify a destination and then you can create a tapestry with all of the elements in one click.Jigsaw uses artificial intelligence to create images like those in a puzzle.Jigsaw is a part of the new Fabrication Wizards that makes 2D design drawings interactive.Product Design:Quality Plan for 3D construction BIM is a web-based planning application that’s designed to support construction professionals with organizing and improving their supply chains.Change Process:Workflow guided drawing is an option that lets you work with moving parts without having to create temporary drawings, or use the cost-per-hour in CAD.Autodesk Technology:Optimized for new Windows devices, Autodesk ReCap lets you capture a full 360-degree view of a drawing or model.There’s now an improved face-tracking option for video recordings, which lets you select the view in real time and follow an object’s movement, with reduced latency.Raycaster allows you to highlight 2D surfaces in 3D, and then activate the face tool.Live Draw:Drawing offers 3D animation with real-time interaction with animated objects, now with dynamic groups, so you can focus on the main drawing you’re working on.Live Dynamic Views include new features for enhanced BIM workflows.Autodesk ReCap lets you capture a full 360-degree view of a drawing or model.You can now mark and rotate views with your fingertip, and up to three levels of detail are available.Build360 is an interactive architectural visualization tool that lets you quickly explore 3D models.Revit:Digital MockUp allows you to share animated 3D walkthroughs and demo presentations.Digital Project Architect shows how individual parts of a project come together in construction.Nested Blocks let you nest other blocks inside your own block.Filters let 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Mac/Win]

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